About BodyMind RI

We Believe:

  • Real change happens on a BodyMind level
  • Each of us plays an essential role in our personal growth and healing
  • Patterns of action, thought, feeling and movement can change when we feel safe and welcome to explore our innermost self
  • Our role as teacher/therapist is to empower you to undo self-limiting patterns and recover your innate wholeness
Our values and beliefs

Our Students and Clients:

  • Value good self-care and want to feel comfortable in their body, significant relationships, work and community
  • Are mature, non-competitive, and seek the wisdom that comes from accepting themselves ‘as they are’, as they face the challenges of every stage of life
  • Recognize that self-discovery and healing require adapting old routines and new learning
Why study with us?

Some of the Benefits Our Students Report include:

  • Increased Relaxation
  • More Energy, Less Fatigue
  • Enhanced Capacity for Pleasure and Fun
  • Relief of Chronic Tension and Pain
  • Resolution of Inner and Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Physical and Emotional Healing
  • Ability to Make New Life Choices
Join a course

All of our programs are based on Mindfulness*
and BodyMind Wholism**

*Mindfulness is a meditative state characterized by relaxed & open attention to the arising moment-to-moment experience.
**BodyMind Wholism recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of experience.

"There is in all things visible,
a hidden wholeness."

- Thomas Merton

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