Why study with us?

Everyone can benefit from yoga. Many physiological and psychological benefits continue to be documented by scientific research, especially the relaxation and cardiovascular benefits. With skilled instruction and regular practice, students report increased flexibility, physical and emotional rejuvenation, and greater well-being. While personal commitment to a particular guru or teacher, or group is not necessary, the most effective learning comes from a teacher with extensive experience.

All of our programs are presented with precise, success-oriented methods of instruction that assure you the highest quality experience. With our approach, you will experience yoga as it has been intended: An integration of all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. Founded in 1979, BodyMind Therapies/Lakshyan’s Yoga Studio is one of the most experienced teaching centers in the area.

Our yoga and meditation courses, professional workshops, and psychotherapy have been presented at various locations and events, as a part of yoga teacher training, mindfulness in the workplace, and recognized at professional conferences and teaching centers internationally. For a schedule of programs near you, contact us or call (401) 369-8115, or arrange a program at your work location, or for your own group and at your own location.

We provide a small group size, individualized and expert supervision, a non-competitive environment, and a physically clean and meditative space at normal temperature. Each person is encouraged to discover and work within their own limits, so you don’t need to be in physical condition to practice yoga. However, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor if you have any physical limitations.

"The wisdom and mysticism of the East have very much to give us even though they speak in their own language... They remind us of that which is familiar in our own culture and which we have already forgotten and have put aside as insignificant, namely the fate of our own inner man."

- Carl C. Jung

What Students Have to Say

This is exactly what I have been seeking to study

Your classes at the studio went over very well. The last class really went to the center of the material you have been mulling and reworking. As a student, I welcome the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the psychology of the asana practice. As teacher, I would like to guide others to practice and listen in this way. Yoga as self-therapy… I think this is what you are bringing in, your understanding both in theory and practice. Personally, I couldn’t ask for more. This is exactly what I have been seeking to study. So please! continue to develop and formulate your ideas, systemize when possible so students will have some reference of the material.

Yoga Teacher & Studio owner

I keep coming back because the others just don’t compare

I have been studying yoga with The Yoga Studio and Lakshyan for over ten years. I have tried other studios and keep coming back because the others just don’t compare. Lakshyan has been teaching yoga for over 30 years and is very knowledgeable not just on the practice of yoga, but how to alter each posture to work within your own limits. Class sizes are smaller which allow for personal attention. The emphasis is on doing postures correctly instead of pushing yourself beyond your ability and possibly causing injury. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a workout! I highly recommend giving The Yoga Studio a try.

Yoga Student

I highly recommend Lakshyan’s yoga studio

I have been taking yoga classes with Lakshyan for a little over a year. He has a wonderful instructional style, thoroughly explains and demonstrates the yoga movements and breathing exercises, and is attentive to his student’s physical abilities and level of comfort in class. I have found the techniques and breathing exercises demonstrated in class to be very helpful in decompressing after a stressful day/week. I especially find the deep relaxation exercises we engage in at the end of each class to be helpful. As a practicing child psychologist, I am very aware of the benefits of exercise and relaxation training/meditation on physical and emotional well-being. I highly recommend Lakshyan’s yoga studio.

Yoga Student and Psychologist
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