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Ranging from private instruction to workshops, weekend retreats, or 5 day intensive professional trainings – We have worked with just about every imaginable group or type of special need.

Many professional health organizations that sponsor continuing education credits (such as: CEU’s for MD’s, Nurses, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, or Psychologists) and many businesses or professional groups (for example: engineers, lawyers, bicycle clubs, yoga schools, etc) have contracted with us to offer training, conference presentations, employees benefit programs, as well as to develop special programs for their clientele (such as for geriatric or other special needs).

Below are a few examples of topics and titles that have been presented. Please feel free to contact us and create a program for yourself or your group.

Mindful Body
Easy Yoga and Relaxation training for Employees

Introduction to Meditation
Orientation and Practice for Employees

Applied Mindfulness
Mindfulness skills for Interpersonal sensitivity

Mindful Listening
Verbal and Non-verbal Skills

Stress Management

Stress has become a household word. We all understand the meaning of ‘stress’, and experience being ‘stressed’. However, we often feel that we are at the mercy of our stress. We know very little about how to control and reduce our experience of stress. And we are often surprised at how others when under the same stress, manage differently or better.

“One’s only friend is the self, and the self is one’s only enemy. To one who is self subdued (mindful), the self is a friend. But in one who does not own the self, Hostile the self abides like a foe.” – Bhagavad Gita

Managing stress does not mean that you have to stop it. Managing stress is not just about calming down and relaxing.

We offer two types of programs to help you reduce and manage stress:

‘Know Your Stress Style’ is a basic orientation to different ‘styles’ of experiencing stress, and how each style requires a different approach to management. Given in a lecture, and group exercise format. 2-3 hours. Fees vary according to group size. Suitable for small groups (minimum of 10 participants) as well as large groups and conference presentation.

“The sorrow which has no Vent in Tears may make other organs weep.” – Henrey Maudsley

‘Personal Stress Profile’ (PSP) is a series of 5 individual consultations. There are two aims to this individualized program: First is to identify your unique experience stress and the key sources of stress in your life. The second aim is to identify what will help you return to a more normal sense of balance and ease in your life. These sessions require your active participation with weekly assignments as part of the assessment and solution process.

“Some of your hurts you have cured, and the sharpest you still have survived, but what torments of grief you endured. Form the evil which never arrived.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Therapist’s Job is Easy

Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

Healing the Healer

Therapeutic Interface of BodyMind

This one or two day program yoga teacher training is designed to meet requirements within yoga teacher certification training programs. Most teacher certification programs require familiarity and integration of theory and practice of yoga, with principles of bodymind healing and the psychological side of asana practice. The ‘Therapeutic Interface of BodyMind’ has been taught in teacher training programs in New England and in Brazil. Contact us to have your yoga teacher training program to include this module in your training.

* Maharaj: ‘. . . Skill in meditation affects deeply our character. We are slaves to what we do not know; of what we know we are masters. Whatever vice or weakeness in ourselves, we discover and understand it’s causes and it’s workings. We overcome it by the very knowing. The unconscious dissolves when brought into the conscious. . .’ – I AM THAT, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, Volume I, p.15

In this kind of program teacher trainees learn how to focus on the discovery and release of emotion, memory, impulse, and healing. This the core of yoga practice, and the aim of the discipline itself *.

While this program does not train yoga teachers to do psychotherapy, yoga teachers should be familiar with this in their own practice, and appreciate commonly occurring effects (such as the welling up of emotion and memory) in their students.

Experiential exercises include the application of the meditative state, body reading, as well as review of core psycho-physiological mechanisms that are engaged in hatha yoga practice.

Mindfulness Skills for Trial Lawyers

Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga for Athletes

Couples Yoga

Yoga for Special Needs

Relaxation Training for Self-Control

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