My experience with Lakshyan has been mostly a therapeutic relationship. I have been seeing him for about four years. I was going through difficult family times and needed to quiet my mind. He started teaching me about meditation, but it was clear I really needed a good therapist.

Dr. Schanzer has reflected back to me the legitimate traumas I have been through, which I mostly couldn’t see. I have gained my voice when I need to set boundaries with family, coworkers, and friends.

I am not the most trusting individual but through the years his gentleness and encouragement have brought me to unique experiences that transcend ordinary talk therapy.

He , of course, works to build trust, which is easy with him. Then leads you, if willing, to recognize the relationship between emotions and physical feelings. There has never been any push to move through exercises unless I was ready.

Lakshyan invited my husband to some appointments and we were so comfortable discussing personal issues without shame or judgement.

I am convinced my life is on track to settle down soon. I have gained many skills to get through what has and is difficult for me. I look forward to all my appointments, just to unload some of the burdens I cannot carry.

Other therapists I have worked with, never shared their thoughts about my current situation. Dr. Schanzer shares some personal thoughts that feel like he is invested in our relationship as much as I am. He is a kind and gentle person with a pleasing giggle, that relaxes tense moments.

I clearly recommend therapy with Dr. Schanzer for anyone that is interested in personal growth and being supportive as one sifts through their history and how it impacts the way they move through this world.

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